Children's Mental Health Week begins

Children’s Mental Health Week begins

Children’s Mental Health Week encourages communities, schools, parents and students to share knowledge on health and wellbeing for children. Mental health has increasingly become an international concern, particularly for children and adolescents. Issues such as lack of resources and support, fear and stigma have limited conversations from taking place around emotional wellbeing. Recent studies have shown that about 1 in 7 children and adolescents ages between 4 to 17 have recently experienced a mental disorder in Australia. As a society it is our collective responsibility to guide younger generations to be better equipped for their journey to adulthood.

Cultural Infusion’s Yoga and Mindfulness program in Victoria teaches students mindfulness techniques at in an age-appropriate way. Ranging from pre-primary to Year 12, students learn skills in bettering emotional regulation, self-esteem and anxiety. Students will come to understand the importance of mental relaxation. Valli introduces traditional techniques and history for students to be fully immersed into the experience of yoga.

What’s more, music has proven benefits for the human brain. Studies have demonstrated that music improves perceptual, linguistic and social skills. Our online platform, Sound Infusion, is a means of creative expression for students to be inspired, relaxed and interested in captivating rhythms. Through relaxation and enjoyment students also gain a deeper insight into myriad musical instruments and countless melodies from all around the globe. Creating discipline and dedication, students develop valuable skills at a young age which sets a foundation for healthy habits throughout adulthood.

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