Spanish Language Day

Spanish Language Day

The Spanish Language Day celebrates the evolution and linguistic diversity of the Spanish language. Being the 4th most spoken language in the world and one of six official languages of the United Nations, Spanish has more than 500 million speakers internationally.

Many nations come together on this day in solidarity including Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, Spain and more. Not only is language merely a means of communication but through it, we discover other cultures.

In celebration of the rich Spanish culture our Fire of Flamenco program in South Australia demonstrates the rich complexity of Flamenco music. This riveting musical program is also available for Spanish speaking students. With traditional Spanish songs and instruments, students are sure to be fully immersed in the Spanish language and culture. Cool Capoeira, available in Victoria, also originates in South America and has evolved into one of the most fascinating combination of dance and martial arts – this workshop introduces students to its history, and some of the basic moves.

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