World Kindness Day

On World Kindness Day, we can all participate in efforts to make kindness the norm. This day encourages kind acts around the world.

In a world driven by globalisation, kindness can be hard to come by as the media can often portray stereotypes and perpetuate prejudice. At Cultural Infusion, we believe that to find kindness in our hearts for others, we need to be open to understand and appreciate those who may be different to us. Through intercultural awareness, we can break down barriers such as prejudice, and learn to embrace diversity.

Our platform Sound Infusion is the perfect way to instil an environment of openness through the uplifting effects of music. With thousands of digital samples from around the world to choose from, you can learn about diverse cultures and create your own globally-inspired music composition. The benefits of Sound Infusion are highlighted by UNESCO which speaks to the value of the arts in bringing intercultural understandings to light.

Through immersive experiences like those offered by Sound Infusion, you will learn to appreciate other cultures, and through this process, find kindness to give, not just on World Kindness Day, but everyday.

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