Man of a Million Faces

With 20 years of experience as a variety entertainer, travelling across the globe, multi-talented and well-renowned Man of a Million Faces, Chris Morant, brings his own unique style to cultural education. With the choice between a French or Italian-inspired theatre workshop, Chris’ Man of a Million Faces sparks interest in culture, cuisine, language, landmarks and history through the following:

  • Theatre art including Commedia dell’arte
  • Theatre magic
  • Mime art, charades and puppetry with colourful characters
  • Leather mask making
Tailored to: Pre-Primary, Schools, Community
Available in: VIC
Genre: Theatre
Region: Europe
Standard Pricing
Please note, prices may vary depending on the type and scope of the program/s chosen.

Program type
Price (exc GST)
No of Participants
30 min
From $495
Up to 40
Single Session
50 min
From $7
(per participant)
Up to 150
Multicultural Half-Day
(up to 3 programs)
Half Day
(per participant)
From 200
Multicultural All-Day
(up to 5 programs)
Full Day
(per participant)
From 300
Specialist All-Day
Full Day
From $20
(per participant)
From 150
Community + More
Enquire for a quote
I don’t know where you found Chris but he is AWESOME. Thank you for organising this Show, so looking forward to doing it again tomorrow. I think we should make him an annual incursion.
- Surf Coast Kinder

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