Mexican Fiesta

Mexican musician Elio has 26 years of experience as an entertainer and cultural educator with most of those years spent working with young people especially. Mexican Fiesta celebrates Mexican culture and can be tailored to focus on dance, singing, percussion, instruments or a mixture! The Spanish language can be incorporated to suit students’ levels.

Tailored to: Pre-Primary, Schools
Available in: SA
Genre: Music
Region: South America
Prices do not include GST

Program type
Price (exc GST)
No of Participants
30 min
From $495
Up to 40
Single Session
50 min
From $7
(per participant)
Up to 150
Multicultural Half-Day
(up to 3 programs)
Half Day
(per participant)
From 200
Multicultural All-Day
(up to 5 programs)
Full Day
(per participant)
From 300
Specialist All-Day
Full Day
From $20
(per participant)
From 150
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The presenter had the children, aged from 0 to 6 eating out of your hands from the outset. His friendly, active approach provided to all children to join in and take part in activities. He was extremely well organised with numerous visual aids and recorded background music. I would highly recommend this session to schools, libraries and parent groups.
- Port Broughton School

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