Opa! Greek Dance and Culture

In Opa! Greek Dance and Culture, a highly interactive program, children will explore Greek culture and history through traditional music, dance, and storytelling.

Children will have the opportunity to participate in the Zorba dance and listen to Greek mythologies and folk songs.

They will also be introduced to authentic instruments such as the Baglama, Tzoura and the Cretan Lyra.

Tailored to: Pre-Primary, Schools, Community
Available in: VIC
Genre: Dance, Music
Region: Europe
Standard Pricing
Please note, prices may vary depending on the type and scope of the program/s chosen.

Program type
Price (exc GST)
No of Participants
30 min
From $495
Up to 40
Single Session
50 min
From $7
(per participant)
Up to 150
Multicultural Half-Day
(up to 3 programs)
Half Day
(per participant)
From 200
Multicultural All-Day
(up to 5 programs)
Full Day
(per participant)
From 300
Specialist All-Day
Full Day
From $20
(per participant)
From 150
Community + More
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