Rhythms and Instruments of West Africa

In Rhythms and Instruments of West Africa, the musical cultures of West Africa are explored through rhythms and songs from Ghana, Guinea and Senegal. Students will be introduced to a range of instruments such as the djembe, dun dun drums, shekere, talking drum, balafon and more! Rhythms and Instruments of West Africa is an interactive program and students will be playing the drums and other percussion instruments.

Tailored to: Pre-Primary, Schools, Community
Available in: VIC, QLD, WA, NSW, SA
Genre: Music
Region: Africa
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Program type
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30 min
From $495
Up to 40
Single Session
50 min
From $7
(per participant)
Up to 150
Multicultural Half-Day
(up to 3 programs)
Half Day
(per participant)
From 200
Multicultural All-Day
(up to 5 programs)
Full Day
(per participant)
From 300
Specialist All-Day
Full Day
From $20
(per participant)
From 150
Community + More
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The presenter was great! Had all of the kids engaged and participating in the program, it was great fun! After the incursion was finished, many of the students asked for when he was going to be coming back! Would very much recommend the program, and hope to have the presenter back.
- Holy Eucharist Primary School

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