Armenian Christmas Day

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January 6


12:00 am - 11:59 pm

Following ancient traditions, Armenian Christians observe Christmas Day on the 6th of January. Sometimes known as Old Christmas or Little Christmas, Armenian Christmas Day represents the same celebration as the one usually celebrated on the 25th December. Families unite and share traditional meals including khetum, nevik, tanabur, bastukh and more!

At Cultural Infusion, we recognise the importance of understanding and appreciating the differences within our communities. By understanding Christmas celebrations, we are able to appreciate the significance of the diverse ways in which celebrations are interpreted. Christmas traditions overlap and differ around the world. Our CEO Peter Mousaferiadis was recently quoted in Body + Soul magazine discussing the tradition of hanging decorations and the fact that the customs of Christmas are all shared but celebrated on different days.

Christmas is celebrated in such diverse, joyful ways, and through intercultural understanding, we can appreciate our different traditions through respect and compassion.

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