Indigenous Literacy Day


September 7


12:00 am - 11:59 pm

Since 2004, Indigenous Literacy Day has been celebrated on the first Wednesday of September. This day highlights the difficulties faced by Indigenous Australians and advocates equality. Education and literacy are some of the most prominent challenges faced by Indigenous Australian, for example, large literacy gaps between Indigenous children and non-Indigenous children.

Cultural Infusion’s Indigenous programs help children from all parts of society understand and appreciate the role of Our First Nations Peoples.

Students in Victoria and Queensland can immerse themselves in Australian Indigenous culture through engaging in storytelling, sport, instrument, and dance in our Aboriginal Culture for a Day program.

Gundoo Dreamtime with Gene Blow lets Queensland students explore Indigenous culture through didgeridoo performance, dancing with music, storytelling, Indigenous artefacts demonstration, and animal mimicking.

Also available in Queensland, Indigenous Symbolic Art with Gene Blow introduces symbols of Aboriginal visual art through dancing and storytelling.

Students will be able to create their own story after learning Indigenous art symbols from our presenter of immersive storytelling in Indigenous Storytelling through Art available in Victoria.

Victorian kids can also join Kinder Dreaming with Djarrin Blow which is an Indigenous culture experience program specifically designed for children under five. This includes storytelling, dancing, singing, games, and artefacts.

Indigenous Infusion is a dynamic program available in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland. It aims to provide students a deeper understanding of Indigenous culture and is unique to each of our Indigenous presenters.

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