International Day for Biological Diversity


May 22


12:00 am - 11:59 pm

The International Day for Biological Diversity highlights the importance of protecting biological diversity. The day brings awareness of the diversity not only in plant and animal life but also crops and ecosystems as they equally contribute to the functioning of the world’s ecosystems. Unfortunately, species are progressively becoming more at risk of being extinct due to the damage caused by climate change. Humanity depends on the resources that the natural world provides us and it is essential that sustainable development is prioritised.

Our educational and scientific program Hero Ladybirds Galapagos Islands available in Victoria, highlights the importance of a balanced ecosystem. Students learn how one problem can have a flow-on effect to its ecosystem, and the consequences it has on species and environments. Ecologist Carolina Zuluaga takes students on a fun, interactive journey to discover the world of ecology through hand puppets and stories.

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