International Francophonie Day


March 20


12:00 am - 11:59 pm

International Francophonie Day celebrates the French language and diverse Francophone culture. Through hundreds of millions of French speakers around the world, this day recognises the importance of language and culture in creating solidarity between societies. As French speaking individuals come together, it is an opportunity to collectively consider common goals.

At Cultural Infusion we offer several programs that demonstrate French history, traditions, music and more! Our Fairytale Puppetry Exploring Languages program is an introduction for students of all ages to the French language. With beautifully designed hand puppets, students rediscover classics including Jungle Book and Cinderella in French! This performance is available in Victoria.

Les Chansons Françaises is an uplifting program that shares the story of Pauline Maudy’s Parisienne childhood. Children will learn famous French songs during the Yé-Yé era. With a combination of music and dance, students in Queensland will be immersed into French culture.

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