International Migrants Day

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December 18


12:00 am - 11:59 pm

Migration has existed since the beginning of time. It has allowed for the world to be boundless with pockets of cultures to be found all over the world. International Migrants Day celebrates the unique journey of migrants around the globe and how they have contributed to the intercultural world we live in today. Cultural Infusion has a variety of programs that are centralised on the theme of migration and its evolution around the world.

Ciao! Migrating to Australia available in Victoria, allows students to explore the travels of a migrant from Italy to Australia. The journey and experience of Pasquale in the 1950’s is narrated through a combination of captivating theatre and dance performances.

To continue exploring migration history, the Silk Road was a tremendous network of routes from the eastern region of China all the way to Southern Europe. The Silk Road contributed to the evolution of human civilisation, forming a boundless domain and connection of culture, trade and philosophy.

The Story of Silk Road program, available to all ages in Victoria, shares the rich history of Dunhuang in China. With a masterful demonstration of Kung Fu and dance, students will have the opportunity to learn the historical significance of the Silk Road through artistic presentation.

Along their journeys, migrants have greatly contributed to contemporary societies, by sharing their cultures with new societies. This manifests in a variety of ways, from offering authentic cuisine to sharing fascinating worldviews, which facilitates social progression.

Music is inextricably linked to the experience of many migrant communities. Our platform Sound Infusion promotes the principles of global harmony through the uplifting and positive impacts of music, encouraging students to engage through blended learning. Students have access to music samples featuring instruments from all around the world. It recognises the diversity in sound and appreciates the culture of migrants through a musical lens.

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