International Mother Language Day


February 21


12:00 am - 11:59 pm

Language is essential for human understanding and connecting. It is a means of communicating, sharing, and exploring knowledge. An individual’s mother language symbolises ancestral significance, heritage, philosophies and more. International Mother Language Day recognises that language is more than just a means of communicating but multilingualism allows for greater inclusion in society.

To work towards greater recognition of inclusivity, our platform Diversity Atlas is a unique diversity data-analysis platform that provides insight into cultural and demographic diversity within an organisation. With comprehensive linguistic recognition of various dialects and creoles, Diversity Atlas acknowledges how prevalent multilingualism is today. The importance of workforce diversity is unquestionable.

Additionally, Cultural Infusion offers an abundance of Commedia Dell’Arte performances, where students are sure to enjoy such immersive theatrical performances. Victorian, ACT and New South Wales school students of all ages are sure to be entertained by such a comedic and captivating performance. These programs are a visually captivating experience and include stunning original renaissance costumes, exotic stage setting and handmade leather masks.

Students will enjoy the opportunity to celebrate the Italian language and culture.

Re-discovering classic fairy tales through different languages, our Fairytale Puppetry Exploring Languages program is a redesigned take on traditional stories all students are familiar with. With beautiful European hand crafted hand puppets, students are taken on a linguistic journey rediscovering classics such as Jungle Book and Cinderella. Available in French and Mandarin in Victoria, children are given a terrific introduction to the basics of the language.

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