International Women’s Day


March 8


12:00 am - 11:59 pm

International Women’s Day is a day that recognises the significant contribution that women have made both historically and in contemporary society. Working towards building spaces that increase visibility for women, this day acknowledges the often-overlooked achievements of women. International Women’s Day aims to promote women’s solidarity and reduce gender disparity. By promoting and advocating for women with clear action-oriented goals we can work towards creating a more gender equal world today.

Supporting and advocating for female presenters, at Cultural Infusion we recognise and acknowledge the importance of International Women’s Day.

Our Bali in Motion program discovers the rich diversity of Indonesian culture. As Indonesia has such a vast range of ethnic groups, this program focuses particularly on the islands of Bali and Java. With face-to-face performances for New South Wales schools and virtual options for all other states, no student is left out. Our presenter, Sisca, helps students discover the language, dance styles, traditional dresses and other elements of her culture.

Our world-leading diversity analytics tool Diversity Atlas, maps diversity data for organisations. With an emphasis not only on culture, language, ethnic background, but also gender, it highlights the importance of gender diversity in a workplace. With the usage of analytics, directors can develop strategic planning to reduce mutuality gaps. Our tool promotes the removal of tokenistic representations and provides the means to create an equitable space that is inclusive of women in the workforce.

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