New Year’s Eve

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December 31


12:00 am - 11:59 pm

Celebrated in the Gregorian calendar, 31 December is a day that symbolises the end of a year. Families and friends come together on New Year’s Eve to watch fireworks all around the world including, Sydney, Dubai and Paris. Individuals reflect on the year that has passed and make resolutions to better themselves. Reflecting on the highs and lows and ultimately establishing what positive change is desired for the year to come.

Cultural Infusion’s Yoga and Mindfulness program in Victoria is a perfect way for children starting from pre-primary all the way to Year 12 to recalibrate their mind and body. After a vigorous year, students will have the opportunity to end their year in a tranquil and serene space. Not only are students guaranteed to have an enjoyable and exciting time with their friends but learn important mindfulness techniques that will benefit them in their future.

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