March 21


12:00 am - 11:59 pm

Nowruz marks the beginning of a new year in Persian culture. ‘Now’ meaning new and ‘ruz’ meaning day symbolises a new chapter. Also known as Iranian New Year or Persian New Year, Nowruz celebrates the end of winter and beginning of summer. With celebratory traditions including jumping over bonfires and lighting off firecrackers, the whole community comes to enjoy the festivities. Visiting family and friends and enjoying Persian sweets, it is a day filled with laughter, excitement and joy. Nowruz is not only celebrated in Iran but other regions too including Black Sea, Balkan, Western Asia and more.

Available in Queensland, our “Journey Through Ancient Persia” program allows students to experience ancient Persia through the traditional instruments of the Santur, Daf, Darbuka and Tombak.

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