World Creativity and Innovation Day


April 21


12:00 am - 11:59 pm

World Creativity and Innovation Day highlights the importance of creative arts industries to the sustainable development of our world. It brings awareness to the importance and need for artistic expression. Creativity leads to innovation and the progression of our global culture. Creative arts have a positive impact on the development of many cultures through the diverse artistic fields of theatre, fashion, design and dance worldwide.

Sharing the artistic design of umbrellas and costume, our Chung Wah Chinese Dance is a visually captivating program that showcases the beauty of classical and contemporary Chinese dancing. Available in Western Australia, students learn and enjoy the artistic dance styles and techniques. Similarly, our Bali in Motion program has vibrant costumes that showcase the artistic industry of Bali. Students participate in Balinese cultural traditions with a combination of dance and music. This program is available in New South Wales.

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