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Anniversary of National Apology Day

The Anniversary of National Apology Day to Stolen Generations marks the day that former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologised to Indigenous Australians for Australia’s appalling treatment to First Nations Peoples. This anniversary holds great significance in this country’s history. For more than five decades, the Stolen Generation represented a time where government policies allowed for the forced removal of First Nations children from their families. The impact has been catastrophic, with language, culture and identity of many First Nations being almost completely erased. Due to the intergenerational nature of such trauma, communities have and will continue to be affected. It is crucial to acknowledge the mistreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in this nation and work towards making reparations. Understanding and consideration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders is necessary for all Australians. By being better informed of the past and present plight of First Nations peoples, this nation can work towards removing the systemic problems that still persist.

To honour the essence of this day, we have various immersive programs available that celebrate Indigenous Australian culture:

Aboriginal Storytelling and Artefacts (ACT, NSW, VIC, WA)
Aboriginal Games (VIC, QLD)
Aboriginal Storytelling Through Art (VIC, QLD)
Nurturing for Australian Nature (VIC)
Didgeridoo Mindfulness (VIC)
Didgeridoo, Beats and Culture (VIC)
Boomerang Throwing (QLD)
Caring for Country (QLD)

In addition, our Aboriginal Infusion (VIC, QLD, NSW, ACT) and Aboriginal Culture for a Day (VIC) (full or half-day program) allow students to engage with a wide range of activities surrounding Indigenous Australian culture.

See our full list of programs here.


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