Cultural Infusion is excited to offer a range of online resources and in-person workshops for students and teachers/educators to foster intercultural understanding, student learning and professional development. Our resources closely align with the Intercultural Capability of the Australian Curriculum and attributes towards Teacher Professional Development.

Professional Development for Teachers

At Cultural Infusion, we're passionate about providing teachers and educators with the resources they need for their Professional Development. These resources will be available in virtual, in-person, and downloadable formats.

Almost half of the teachers we have surveyed (49%) feel uncertain about interculturalism in the classroom. We have designed our material, therefore, to focus on fostering intercultural competency and providing new approaches that can be integrated into the learning environment.

Free Lesson Plans & Intercultural Guide
When you book one of our cultural education programs for your school, we offer free lesson plans and an exploratory Intercultural Guide to deepen engagement and understanding of various cultures.
Free webinars
We provide regular free webinars throughout the school year, which explore our intercultural learning pedagogy. We provide access to free resources, and encourage integral reflection and discussion.
Live Sessions
Our in-person, live Professional Development sessions are designed to further intercultural understanding in the classroom and support teacher’s curriculum needs. We offer focused materials which foster intercultural competency.
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Learning Resources for Students

We offer a variety of resources for students to explore diverse cultures, encouraging an inquiry-based approach towards diversity, and aiming to increase empathy, critical/creative thinking, and cultural understanding.
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Global Citizenship Program
The Intercultural Citizenship Ambassador Program (ICAP) addresses ‘Intercultural Understanding’ as specified in the Australian Curriculum as a General Capability for all students, reflecting the growing diversity and accelerated cultural and social shifts in our society.
Sound Infusion
Sound Infusion is an online platform that encourages inquiry-based learning, enabling students to create music arrangements using samples of instruments from around the world using an interactive map feature. 
Joko’s World
Joko’s World is a series of interactive games designed for pre-school-age children, where they can follow the blue nightingale Joko as he travels the world and encounters different cultures and events.
Mungo Explorer
The Mungo Explorer package provides multidisciplinary learning activities, enabling students to discover the cultural and historical significance of Lake Mungo. This resource offers a ‘window into Australia’s past'. The program is based on research by the geologist Jim Bowler, who discovered the oldest human remains in Australia.