International Dance Day

International Dance Day

International Dance Day celebrates the significance and importance of dance as an art form. With the main partner of the performing arts being UNESCO, International Dance Day recognises the cultural value of dance. This day creates an awareness of the worlds of choreography and dance. Through captivating performances, the artistic diversity of the world is enjoyed with performances representing a great deal of cultures.

Cultural Infusion has a vast range of programs that share the joy of East Asian, South East Asian, European dance and more!

Cultural Infusion offers various programs that explore the rich history of Chinese dances.

Students of all ages are sure to enjoy our highly immersive programs. With our kindergarten program Lion Dance Kids available in Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales students discover the symbolism associated with lion dancing in East Asian culture. We also have our Chinese Lion Dance workshop available in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. In Victoria, students can also enjoy the Chinese Fan Dance or Chinese Ribbon Dance.

Additionally, we have multiple programs discovering the rich culture, traditions and history of the Middle East. Our popular belly dancing programs teach children how to get their groove and rhythm through a high-energy program. Our Middle Eastern Belly Dance program is available in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and virtually for all other states! Students discover dance styles to classical and modern music, from various Middle Eastern countries.

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