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International Day of Women & Girls in Science

International Day of Women and Girls in Science is the day that celebrates and promotes women in the field of science. Women have made significant contributions to the academic world of science and technology. Reminding the world of the gender inequality that exists, this day intends to address these gender disparities through updated policies and programs.

At Cultural Infusion, we offer unique perspectives of women in science through interactive programs. Performed by experts in science, these Science Communicator programs introduce students of all ages to how science has contributed to the world we live in today.

Chemist Marija Pavela takes students on a journey to discover The Tragic Genius of Mrs Einstein. The story of Mileva Maric reveals the contribution to scientific discoveries alongside her husband Albert Einstein. Using the authentic letters between the couple, students learn to explore science education. This program is available in Victoria.

Hero Ladybirds of the Galapagos Island shares the engaging story of an insect that is at risk of ruining the ecosystem. Ecologist Carolina Zuluaga welcomes children to the world of ecology. Students in Victoria can participate in this interactive and captivating program.

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