Italian National Day

Italian National Day

Festa della Republica is the Italian National Day and Republic Day. A national holiday in Italy, this commemorates the day in 1946 when Italians voted to abolish the monarchy and form a republic. Ever since, small festivals, concerts, and parades are held throughout Italy as well as at Italian embassies in other countries. Spectacular Republic Day celebrations take place in Rome, including a military parade presided over by the President of the Italian Republic in his role as Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.
An annual symbol of freedom for all Italians, it is, for the rest of us, a chance to celebrate all things Italian, such as our array of talented cultural presenters.

Bella Italia<>: Napoli native Mira takes students on a journey through her childhood to learn about this ancient city. Students will sing along to Neapolitan folk songs and practice traditional folk dances.
Spirit of Italia<>: Immerse your students in Italian culture and language with tales of arriving in a new country. The session also features an interactive folk dance workshop.
Music of Southern Italy<>: Discover the rhythms and sounds of the traditional music styles of southern Italy – the castanettes, the diatonic accordion, the tamburello, the putipu and the ciaramella.
Tarantella Duo<>: Italian teacher and folk dancer Carmella and Calabrian folk singer Amadeo present a lively session of Italian ballads and Tarantella dancing.
La Gioia Delle Donne<>: The Joys of Women Choir sings a vibrant blend of traditional and contemporary Italian folk songs with a passion and enthusiasm that is infectious.

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