The annual religious event of Hinduism and Sikhism is Vaisakhi or Baisakhi.  This celebration is an ancient Indian festival occurring on April 14th every year. Baisakhi is a festival of joy and marks the New Year holiday in the solar calendar commemorating the spring harvest. It originated from the 10th Guru of the Sikhs in 1699 and the historical story of how he tested the loyalty and faith of his followers.

Some common observances on this day are attending temple, gathering with families and friends, holding processions called Nagar Kirtan, and traditional dancing and singing on streets. This festival is celebrated with a diverse range of activities in different parts of India. For example, in Kerala, farmers dance and sing to celebrate the harvest, while it is essential for Indians in Assam to wear new clothes for the celebration. Foods in the colour of yellow and orange are commonly prepared by Indians on this day, symbolising joy to the community.

Bollywood Infusion, Indian Instrumental Infusion , Classical Indian Dance or Rhythm of Nepal and India are just some of our programs available to demonstrate Indian culture. Bollywood Infusion is available as a virtual program for organisations in remote or regional areas where presenter travel is not possible.

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