harmony week

World Interfaith Harmony Week begins

Beginning in 2010, this week has become an annual celebration of unity between differing religious and ethnic communities in the Middle East. Adopted by the United Nations, World Interfaith Harmony Week promotes the connection between Muslim and Christian communities. Overcoming a history of limited discourse between interreligious and intercultural communities, this day highlights the importance of sharing different values and beliefs. Through peaceful interfaith dialogue, Interfaith Harmony Week encourages discussion through sharing common values while fostering tolerance and solidarity.


Uniting all Middle Eastern communities is the love for music and dance. Our Middle Eastern Drumming program takes students on a journey to discover the origin and influences of Middle Eastern music. With a rhythmic and melodious performance, students get the opportunity to try the darbuka, dof and more! Available in Victoria, this program shares the origins and history of traditional Middle Eastern instruments.

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