World religion day

World Religion Day

World Religion Day is an international event where we acknowledge the major role religion plays in connecting humankind. Originated from Baha’i principles, this day promotes the need for universal equality. Such understanding allows us to develop a stronger interfaith understanding while strengthening connections between all communities. As time has progressed, World Religion Day is not exclusively celebrated by Baha’i followers but it has also brought interfaith dialogue where the perspectives of other faiths have been welcomed and shared.


Our CEO, Peter Mousaferiadis, has been a longstanding member of the United Religions Initiative (URI) which promotes interfaith dialogue and conflict resolution. Through ongoing initiatives, the URI has had illustrious individuals from around the world come together to discuss peace-building and conflict transformation at both a local and global level.


At Cultural Infusion we believe through intercultural understanding and solidarity, we can create a more harmonious world.

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