Didgeridoo and Storytelling

Specially designed for young children in mind, this program is a pre-primary age-appropriate take on our Mindfulness Through Didgeridoo program. Dean has been given permission by Djalu Gurruwiwi, a Yolngu Elder, to teach the Didgeridoo and takes great pride in sharing his personal experiences as a Jewish-Australian Yidaki player. Including storytelling, a demonstration of animal noises and playing the Didgeridoo, Dean explores the spiritual side of one of the world’s oldest musical instruments! In Didgeridoo and Storytelling, students will get to practice the vocal techniques behind playing the Didgeridoo and finish the session with a Didgeridoo meditation segment.

Tailored to: Pre-Primary
Available in: VIC
Genre: Music, Wellness
Region: Oceania
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Program type
Price (exc GST)
No of Participants
30 min
From $495
Up to 40

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